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Math exam tomorrow? Quickly jot down or freehand draw study questions and answers on Index Cards or Cue Cards. Then flip through them with your fingers on your way to the exam room. Flip the cue cards over to see the answers. Have a friend flip through your cue cards or shake to read random cards. Keep track of dozens of topics or subjects.

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A pure gesture based app!

  • Swipe left and right to flip through cue cards
  • Draw freely with your finger (or Apple Pencil)
  • Press and hold to Flip index card over
  • Shake to see a random index card
  • Swipe down to cancel
  • Swipe up to delete


  • Quickly add new index cards on the fly with one tap
  • Freehand draw with your finger or type with your keyboard
  • Swipe though multiple flash cards, press and hold to flip each card over
  • Supports both front and back side of flashcards
  • Store and organize multiple flashcard topics with different colors
  • Take photos, upload images
  • Use in both portrait and landscape
  • Apple Pencil Compatible


This is a great replacement for real flash cards. It's neat and I love how you can draw and take pictures for the notes!


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