Rolling paper is a specialized paper that is used in cigarette making. These papers are a very thing from regular papers. Cannabis, the base burning element in cigarettes, is enclosed in these papers.

As the rolling papers are made of different materials and available in various dimensions, choosing the right rolling paper for your business requires much consideration. If you are stepping into cigarette making industry, there are different factors that you need to consider.

In this guide, we will explain all the factors that you should consider while buying rolling papers. So, let’s get started!

1. Size

Rolling papers are available in different sizes like a single, king, 1 1/2″, and 1 1/4″. But the question is how to choose the most suitable paper size for your business? Well, to select the most appropriate paper size, you should consider the following factors;

  • Size and shape of cigarette you want to offer
  • Cannabis dosage you want to fill in
  • Addition of filters
  • Commonly used cigarette size in the market

Now let’s find out what these paper sizes are!


Single is the most commonly used rolling paper size. This paper size is 2.6-2.75 inches long and 1.3-1.4 inches wide. This size may vary a bit from brand to brand.

1 1/2″

1 1/2″ can accommodate 50% additional cannabis than single-sized paper. This paper is 2.9-3.0 inches long and 2.3-2.4 inches wide. 1 1/2″ paper-sized cigarette pack is enough for 3-4 expert smokers.

1 ¼”

1 ¼” is the same length as 1 1/2″ but has less width of about 1.7-1.8 inches. It’s the perfect and most popular size for a group of two smokers.


As the name mentioned, king is the largest rolling paper size, 3.9-4.3 inches long and 2.2-2.3 inches wide. This size can hold about 1.5g of cannabis. offers all these rolling paper sizes for large and small-scale businesses. You can visit the site to check if the available papers are suitable for your business demands or not.

2. Material

Stepping ahead from size, rolling papers are available in different materials like rice straw, nonwood plant fibers, fax, grass fibers, and others. The material choice depends on its thickness, flavor, color, and other factors.

If you want to be different from your competitors, you can also explore other options like gold leaf and bamboos. But make sure to do proper research about your desired material.

3. Flavor

As we mentioned above, the flavor of rolling paper depends on the material of the paper. Some materials have a soft sweet flavor, while others leave a smoky taste in the mouth. So, it would help if you were careful that your material leaves a good flavor in the smoker’s mouth.

4. Print and Design

Well, the print and design on rolling papers are optional. You can design your paper according to the brand’s name or whatever message you want to convey. Alibaba’s custom rolling papers collection offer a wide range of prints and designs to choose your favorite.


The popularity and quality of your cigarettes highly depend on the paper you choose. So, choose a well-structured, designed, and quality paper to rule the cigarette market.


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