Ever wondered how to buy fut coins? If you have, this guide is for you. On FIFA Ultimate Team, you are invited to grow your desired team. To do this, you simply sell the items that are of no use to you and buy the items that will be useful to you.

1. What are FUT Coins?

Simply put, a FUT coin is a currency used for exchange in Ultimate Team. FUT coins are used to purchase players and other packs in the store. It is also used to pay for Draft mode entries or trade FUT items in the market.

FUT coins are earned by playing matches, completing weekly objectives, discarding items, trading items, or receiving gifts and rewards. The amount of coins you have shows how wealthy you are in the FIFA gaming world.

2. How To Buy FUT Coins the Right Way

If you are going to ever buy FIFA coins, make sure you do it right to avoid getting into trouble. The most popular of ways to buy coins include

1. Player Auction

In this method, you sell a player from your team to the highest bidder and you get a corresponding amount of coins displayed on your dashboard.

2. Mule Account

An account with the indicated amount of coins will be sent to you. After receiving the account, you can now complete the process of the transfer yourself.

3. FIFA Auction House

You list players you wish to sell on the auction house and an interested player will buy them, transferring coins into your account.

4. Comfort Trade

Here you send the coins seller your account details and he will handle every other process and before long your coins will be transferred to you

3. The Dos and Don’ts of Buying FUT Coins

1. Do not buy from strangers

EA maintains that buying coins is not a safe activity. It is even more dangerous when you buy from a person or a site you are not familiar with. The game itself is unaware of this transaction so if you hit a rock bottom, there will be no one to forward your complaints to.

To be on the safer side do not disclose your account details to anyone and check for reviews before buying from a site. Remember If the price tag looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.

2. Be sure of the number of coins you need

Know what you want even before hitting the market, it will save you the stress of buying unnecessary things. When you buy more coins than you need, you will be wasting money.

If you fail to buy as much as you need, you will also be wasting money. This is because when you go back to buy again you may not be able to enjoy the discount that comes with bulk purchases.

3. Make transactions safely

Always be safe even if you are dealing with a familiar seller. Never use your credit card to make purchases, you can use PayPal when possible. Every online sale is a potential risk but it is even riskier when you cannot guarantee the credibility of the vendor or the genuineness of their products.


As much as it is best to be safe when buying FUT coins, safety isn’t the only thing to look out for.

The pricing is an important consideration as well. Prices may differ depending on purchase platform, quantity, time of the year, delivery method, and the seller.


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