As far as system operation is concerned, you need to have the right connector. This is because the connector makes the system lighter, easier, and simpler for a user to control. With a wide range of 2 pin waterproof connector models available, selecting the right one can be difficult. Remember that choosing the best connector is the most reliable and efficient way of improving, downsizing, and modulating a system to ensure it runs smoothly without the need for frequent repairs.

Know Your Requirements

Start by checking the number of signals you have. What frequencies, voltages, and currents are these signals carrying? Are the signals digital, analog, or a combination? Remember that combination of signals has an effect on your connector type, wiring, and pinout. There are certain combinations that cannot be in the same connector.

Operating Voltage and Current Rating

This is an important criterion for choosing electrical cable connectors. Ideally, this is a measure of current that flows through a terminal and it is measured in amps per circuit. Depending on the number of circuits available, you should derate or adjust the current flow accordingly.

Space Constraints

You need to pay attention to the weight and size of electrical terminal connectors and cable connectors. Also, is there enough space for them? The ability of connectors to withstand the frequency of plugging and unplugging can increase considerably. Therefore, when considering your situation, its design, and project needs, you might require more electrical connectors.

Temperature Range

Electrical connectors are designed for use in extreme conditions, such as shock and vibration. As a result, they have special features and qualities that resist shocks and vibration and withstand fluctuating temperatures. Therefore, you should choose a connector depending on where you will use it and its proximity to heat sources.


Before you buy connectors, you need to evaluate their reliability. However, determining the reliability of a connector can be quite challenging. This is because determining the correct figures is difficult. Check whether your connectors have an indicated mean time to failure (MTTF).

Environmental Sealing

You should note that some environments need protection against use of inflammable gases and combustible materials, liquids, vapors, and dust. Fortunately, most connectors have environmental sealing options, which are effective against splashes. After understanding the level of safety, you need to check the IP rating. If you are installing systems in high-sensitive areas such as underwater, aerospace, and food applications, you should consider environmental sealing.

Plating and Materials

Terminal plating and materials are vital factors to consider since connectors are made of nylon plastic. Standard options you can go with include lead, tin, and select gold, which are perfect for a range of applications.


The criterion you use to choose connectors should be determined by the size and type of your system. Some advanced systems require use of specialized connectors with certain features for downsizing or upgrade. Always pay attention to system design requirements and consider the operating voltage. In addition, you should determine the appropriate cost of connectors.


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