When you talk about the tent for glamping, Luxury is one aspect that is an additional benefit to those that seek comfort in the wilderness. Luxury means more than just getting more space when compared to simple camping tents.

There is something magical about luxurious camping. Think about it: camping in the forest makes you feel calm and relaxed. The bird’s chirping, water trickling, and fresh air stimulate your senses and fills you with positive energy. But what if your glamping tent includes a hot tub, flat-screen TV, and champagne, including the absence of bugs and other irritants upon arrival? Glamping sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Luxury Features of Large Glamping Tents

When many people think of glamping tents, they only think of basic tents large enough to house a bed. But That’s Not The Case. Luxury Camping Tents Typically Come With Several Luxuries. These include:

UV Resistant and Waterproof

The special fabric of the tent is UV resistant, and the canvas roof and the wall are also stable and ingrained with windows. The tent is very strong and sturdy as it can withstand winds up to more than 100km/h. The tent also possesses a waterproof feature. The futuristic design of the tent keeps the inside temperature cool even when it is immensely warm outside.

Veranda or Personal Deck

A luxury feature that cannot be overlooked is the veranda or the private deck outside of the tent. This feature lets you sit in the warm sunlight on cold days and could be a nice place to sit and drink coffee on a summer evening. The view from the veranda is another luxury for nature lovers.

Air Conditioning

If you’re camping in an area where it is generally hotter, like a safari, the glamping tents can provide central air conditioning to feel at home while being among nature all at the same time. Air conditioning is important because hot weather can ruin the mood easily.

Personal Pool

Large luxury glamping tents are heaven for people who seek privacy. A private pool is a nice touch for those people who love swimming. And of course, who wouldn’t want to swim in the nature with a nice poolside and a breathtaking view in front.

Private Attach Bathroom

In the case of camping, there is no attached bathroom because the tent is so small and can barely fit the people. But luxury glamping is much cooler because it is large with all the modern things one could imagine in a camp.

The glamping tent has an attached bathroom and even a bathtub overlooking a window with a magnificent view of nature. You could relax in the bathtub with nice smelling bath salts and bath bubbles and experience a sense of tranquillity.


The trend of glamping is the best way to enjoy camping. It adds the luxuries that we are used to and want while still being outdoors. If you want to find a large luxury glamping tent, you need to take your time and do your homework to get the perfect one that is just right for you and your needs.


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